Tips on how to avoid a root canal

Root canal treatment is the best tooth-saving tool that is available. Advancements in treatment have increased the success rate of endodontic treatment, while modern techniques and tools have decreased recovery time and pain. However, in spite of the advancements that excite us as professionals, we understand that most people would prefer to never experience root canal treatment!
If you are one of those people, read on for our top tips to avoid having to have a root canal down the road:

  1. Brush twice daily. Sounds simple, but far too many adults and children skip this step at night. Brushing your teeth before bed should be just as automatic as turning off the light.
  2. Floss once daily. Skipping the floss is like only washing 70% of your body when you shower. This doesn’t just contribute to bad breath – it also gives root-damaging bacteria a place to hide and thrive!
  3. Avoid hard foods such as hard candies and lollipops. Both of which cause cracks that allow bacteria to enter your root system.
  4. Weak teeth be wary. If you already have weak teeth or restorations, you should also skip crunchy fruits and vegetables such as carrots and apples, which just so happen to be two of the biggest tooth-crackers.
  5. Back away from the ice! Many people are tempted by the cool, fresh taste of ice at the end of a beverage. But chewing on ice can easily fracture, crack or break a tooth or filling! Once that happens, bacteria have an easy route into the nerve center of your tooth.
  6. Wear a mouth guard at night. If you are a grinder or clencher, make sure that you wear a night-guard to protect teeth from fractures, which eventually can expose the tooth’s roots.
  7. Wear a mouth guard while playing sports. No longer just for football and hockey players, mouth guards are an important part of equipment for nearly every sport, from soccer to snowboarding.
  8. Avoid acidic drinks and foods like soda and citrus juices. These beverages present a double whammy to teeth: First, they break down enamel. Then, they saturate the tooth in sugar for bacteria to feast on!
  9. Have regular dental checkups and cleanings. A cracked tooth found early can often be spared root canal treatment.
  10. Get your tooth pain checked out immediately! Any pain is a sign that something is amiss in your mouth and ignoring it will only make treatments more serious down the road.


Source: Advanced Endodontics of Texas


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    I often get cavities and want to know what I can do to prevent a root canal. Thanks for the advice about avoiding hard candies and how they cause cracks in your teeth. Hopefully, nothing bad happens but I think I’ll have an oral surgeon on hand just in case.

  2. says

    I wish I had known these tips before I got a root canal. If I had only flossed everyday, I wouldn’t have to go through root canal therapy now. Also, I still love sucking on ice so it’s hard to stop. Great post, thanks!

  3. says

    I recently had a root canal and am hoping to avoid another one. Thanks for the advice about not chewing on ice as it can break a tooth or a filling. I’ll have to follow your advice and hope that I don’t need another root canal.

  4. says

    My brother just recently had a root canal and it seems like a not a fun process to go through if you could avoid it. I like what you said about how you should avoid ice. My brother loved chewing on ice and maybe that is what lead to him needing a root canal.

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    I have to get a root canal and want to prevent future ones. I agree that having regular cleanings can help spot cracks early. It would also be smart to get your teeth cleaned and cared for by a dentist that accepts your insurance.

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